Cloth Dollmaking (Dollmaking: Theory and Practice, Volume 2)

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More than just a collection of patterns and instructions, Cloth Dollmaking, published in spiral bound format, is an informative, thought-provoking book that will start you on the road to designing and making your own fabulous dolls. Written for the beginning dollmaker as well as the more experienced, Cloth Dollmaking begins with simple dolls and basic theory, and chapter by chapter, leads you through more and more complex dollmaking techniques, until you are able to design and build your own creations with the confidence of a professional. Cloth Dollmaking is one hundred thirty-eight pages of theory and instruction. Filled with over 450 concise illustrations, 19 pages of patterns and 8 lovely images of finished dolls, this book not only shows you what you can make with the patterns and instructions given, it nudges and provokes you to go beyond the safe confines of its pages and experiment on your own. Six chapters take you from beginning techniques (such as cutting, stuffing and turning fabric arms and legs) all the way through sculpting and molding polymer clay, and gluing fabric over it. This is advanced stuff! At the end of each chapter is a problem solving section. You are challenged to use the skills you have learned to make a doll described in this section. My goal is to provide the stepping stones to start you on your own journey into the unique adventure of cloth dollmaking. You will gather the knowledge needed to start making your own dolls, gaining the experience it takes to give you the confidence you need.


  • cloth dollmaking has six chapters each focus on different techniques
  • cloth dollmaking instructions are clear and step by step
  • plenty of black and white illustrations
  • photos of finished dolls


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