Six Little Steppers Paper Dolls

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Paper dolls that recall a time before every kid wore jeans and t-shirts, these sweet little charmers have a wardrobe for every activity and occasion. With cover dolls by Charlot Byj and clothing pages by Doris Richardson, there are over 65 outfits, accessories and toys for the six siblings.

Originally published in 1953 with six pages of clothes, this edition has two additional pages of dress-up clothes by Judy M Johnson. To dress the dolls, cut out the six dolls from the front and back cover, cut out the clothes on the inside pages, using the tabs to secure the outfits. Stands are not included. The dolls are printed on a medium weight, easy-to-cut cardstock, while the clothes are on a lighter weight paper.

With so many cute kids and clothes, this paper doll is sure to bring about memories of a bygone childhood, and makes a great gift for a child of today.


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